We Are Public Safety Scheduling Experts

Schedule Express is an enterprise-class personnel and asset scheduling system specifically designed for 24/7/365 mission-critical Public Safety services such as Police, Fire, EMS, 9-1-1 and Corrections. Our cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) model is the benchmark solution for government and Public Safety agencies and provides a substantial and measurable return on investment.

As a workforce management scheduling solution, Schedule Express allows you to build and maintain shift-based schedules, while also automating the absence, trade, overtime, training and special assignment processes – from request through approval. This unique capability eliminates paper, operational and man-power costs while substantially reducing errors, omissions and abuse. By automating and validating agency rules, requirements, approval cycles and rotations, Schedule Express helps ensure compliance to federal, state and local regulations.

No software or hardware to install; access from anywhere via a browser.

No upfront costs, just an affordable monthly service fee.

No additional charges for upgrades, maintenance, implementation or training.

No obligation | no risk. Ask about our 30-Day Free Trial offer.

Your Workforce is Your Most Valuable Asset

Schedule Express is widely known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Employees can easily see daily, weekly and monthly views that show a variety of exceptions including days worked, days off, trades, overtime, special assignments, duty assignments, training assignments and more. Since it is browser-based, Schedule Express can be accessed by employees from their laptop, home computer or mobile device to view their own schedule, request time off, sign-up for overtime and more.

Schedule Express is completely web-based and hosted so there is no hardware to maintain, no applications to install. You and your employees are up and running in a few days – not weeks or months.

Schedule Express makes it easy for users to request time off and route that request through the appropriate supervisor for review/approval.

Scheduling Needs At-a-Glance

Schedule Express supports the ability to visually notify schedulers and supervisors that there are staffing shortages related to shift minimums of required employees, specific classifications, specific skillsets, sub-skillsets, certifications and required employees.

Schedule Express provides accurate and specific visual staffing level indicators (e.g., RED=under staffed; YELLOW=overstaffed; ORANGE= both over and understaffed) for quick, at-a-glance status updates.

Advanced Scheduling Ecosystem

Many factors impact scheduling. It’s not just when and where a person is working, but it’s the exceptions to the “when” and the “where” a person is working that becomes complicated. As a fully featured advanced scheduling ecosystem, Schedule Express combines all of the connective tissue of those exceptions that impact scheduling into a fully integrated, real-time and robust solution. Furthermore, while other companies will charge for additional modules or feature sets, not so with Schedule Express. Every customer gets the entirety of the Schedule Express feature set at no additional costs. Schedule Express manages the vast complexities associated with:

Absences or time-off, shift trades/swaps, overtime (voluntary and mandated), training assignments, special assignments, duty assignments, emergency schedules, event scheduling, off/extra duty scheduling, coverage plans, personnel skillsets and qualifications, vacation bidding, shift bidding, electronic time cards, time banks, reporting, audit trails, security rights, interfacing to payroll, text and email notifications, mobile app and more.

Powerful Configurator Engine

There is one common thread that links all public safety agencies, that is, no two agencies operate their schedules the same way. The need to custom configure each individual agency and their respective departments is paramount. The very core of Schedule Express lies within its powerful and potent configuration engine. It is here that Schedule Express has the ability to custom configure each individual agency and each individual department within that agency to its own scheduling policies, procedures, rules, regulations, MOUs, CBAs or any other employment agreement(s) that may exist. Once again this makes Schedule Express ideal for any public safety agency’s diverse departmental requirements.